Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am not good at it. Not sure I am even good at spelling it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Question

What do you think is the secret to running a successful brand such as Consolidated and keeping it around for as long as you have? Where do you see the industry heading in the next 5-10 years and how can we keep the corporations from raping our lifestyle?-Harry P

I think the secret to keeping it around so long is you just gotta be into it. Consolidated is small and always has been. We're in it because we love it. We have been around for 16 years but it for sure isn't always smooth sailing. When things are good, we put all the money into Consolidated. And when things get bad, we need to shrink back. Consolidated just always comes first. We will get side jobs if we have to, to keep shit going.

I think the industry is headed down a sketchy road. The same road that so many other businesses have gone. All the outsiders are figuring out how to infiltrate and take over. The mall chains are beginning to dominate and put the core shops out of business. The skater owned companies that sell to the mall chains are stuck now, because these chains grew to be such a substantial portion of their sales. If they pull out they are fucked. So all of a sudden these mall chains are actually in control. They can decide who and what they want to carry. Pretty soon the box stores are gonna control it all unless people wake up. Diversity is the key to a healthy environment. If we want it to thrive, we gotta bring back the diversity. Lots of small companies and core shops all thriving and competing. Same in business as in nature. Here is an example.. Nike is a 18 billion dollar a year company. That equates to 180 one hundred million dollar companies. Imagine how many riders, magazine ads, shops, employees, etc, that 180 one hundred million dollar companies would support.
The diversity has been declining rapidly in every industry and the surf, skate and snowboard industry was one of the last refuges. But it too is now being severely affected. We are just trying to spread awareness because the consumer ultimately has the power. People can control everything just by what and where they spend their money.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

barber shop clothing said...
what the hell is a one legged cardinal?

One legged Cardinal-
Gary Collins(rider at the time) came up with that idea. Our friend and shipper at the time Billy K. would always say these profound things, so in reference to Billy, Gary said "What, did Billy say The one legged Cardinal brings inspiration or some shit like that?" Everyone thought it was so funny that this was Gary's guess of a profound thing Billy would say. So it was kind of an inside thing and Todd B. drew it up and it became a graphic.
Hi birdo,
i'm a skateboarder from europe, i work in the skateboard business since few years and i push my board since 90.

i really like consolidated brand, it's different from many others for philosophy, have good graphics and I agree 100% to your don't do it camapaign. I think i will never do an ollie in my life with a nikesb shoe or an adidas and i will never buy a deck in a shoppign mall. I know the meaning of support at all stages.

What i'm going to ask you is why you push so hard the "don't do it campaign" and then you work with international distributors that work in the way you fight? i mean, in europe there are some distributors that sells to shopping malls, that sells boards and shoes without supporting any team rider, that sells nike sb with they reps, that do thousand dollars as sponsorshiop to fashion house party and any euros to supoprt skateboarder's project like skatepark, contest or tour. More in general they don't belong to our world.

There are a lot of skateboarders owned and operated distribution over there, they start with few brands and the must be supoprted instead of keep core brands in the end of fashion/house music lovers.....

I don't know if you'll reply to me but no problem,

keep skateboarding a crime...


Thanks for your question!
The Don't do it campaign's main objective is to raise awareness. I am just one person and unfortunately don't have the ability to see first hand the unique skateboard community in every city and country. We are open and thankful for any suggestions or recommendations of good core distributors in European countries, and anywhere else for that matter! The most important thing to me is that skaters become aware of what and where to buy stuff. Any lame shop that carries Consolidated is only empowering that which will lead to their demise

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some not so exciting news

Some lame but not so surprising news, that not only did Footlocker buy CCS, but they are gonna open skate sections in their mall stores. The kinda shit that happens when you open Pandoras box.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Questions and answers

This is where I am gonna give my opinion about stuff. If you have any questions about anything you think I might have an opinion /answer for, email me and I will post my answers or email you back.